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Carrera Vulcan Electric Bike Review – Our Guide 2020

When you hear the word electric bike, the first thing you think of is a motorcycle or a scooter. However, that is not the case, as electric bikes are quite similar to regular bikes. The only significant difference is its additional electrical components like a battery, motor, and controller. These components are seamlessly integrated as part of the bike’s design. With cycling slowly becoming an alternative mode of transport, more and more people have turned to electric bikes. One such bike is the Carrera Vulcan Electric bike. If you are searching for an electric mountain bicycle that will give you the best experience while navigating across the hill climbs, mountain tops, and wild tracks, then this is the bicycle for you. The Carrera Vulcan comes with an integrated control system that protects it from overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. Every electric bike needs an excellent battery to sustain its charge, and this is one aspect the Vulcan takes care of, as its battery can retain charge for at least six hours. However, before we can dive into a more in-depth review of this bicycle, let’s look at a few benefits of this electric bike.

Are Carrera Vulcan Electric Bikes Any Good?

Carrera Vulcan has been in the business of creating bicycles for at least 25 years now. They have designed a wide range of mountain bikes for both seasoned and first-time riders. However, what makes these bikes any good is their durability despite the route you use. It is perfect for both tarmac and trail roads. You can also use it to cruise through the mountain, as you enjoy nature, especially after a long-stressful week in the office. Another exceptional benefit of the Carrera Mountain Bike is its budget-friendly nature. This means that experienced and novice bike riders can own a Carrera without having to break the bank. The Carrera Vulcan brand also has kids bicycles that come accompanied with a buyer’s guide. The guide helps make operating the bicycle a walk in the park, as opposed to learning the ropes from the beginning. Mountain bike Carrera test out every aspect of the bicycle to ensure the safety of every cyclist. This also helps give the brand sufficient information on the repair and maintenance of the bike if any problems arise during the testing phase. This, in turn, makes this mountain bike safe for use by cyclists of all ages.

Carrera Vulcan E Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike

The Carrera Vulcan is undoubtedly one of the most popular Halfords electric bikes in the market today. However, unlike previous electric mountain bike options, this model comes with several improvements that make your cycling experience even better. The Vulcan E bike has a design and frame that makes cycling on tarmac roads and rough terrains effortless. For a price of £1,299.00, you get to experience better specs and designs compared to previous electric mountain bike options. It also comes with a rear motor, which is designed by one of the best manufacturers in the electric bike industry. Other detailed specifications on the Vulcan E bike include: Display-Suntour LCD display Brakes- Hydraulic Disc Motor- A Suntour rear hub electric motor Battery- Large battery with a capacity of 417Wh / 11.58Ah Frame- Lightweight aluminium Tires- 27.5″ with Kenda K1027 Tyres Gear-9-speed Shimano Altus Sensor-Torque sensor

The Motor

The motor is an essential component of any electric bicycle, and the Carrera Vulcan electric mountain bike does put this into consideration. The Suntour rear hub electric motor gives this mountain bike a seamless integration that provides you with controlled handling and improved traction. This, in turn, gives an out of the world cycling experience.

The Battery

The battery of this mountain bike is neatly fitted inside the bicycle’s frame on the down-tube. The position of the battery helps balance its rear motor and thus, providing you with a quality ride along all trails. It also gives the battery a neater and smaller appearance. Another notable feature of the Vulcan E battery is that you can easily detach it from the e-bike and charge it elsewhere. It is also has a capacity of 140 Wh, and this gives you at least 60 miles of pedal power to enjoy your ride. The battery also has a six-hour power recharge, meaning you don’t have to wait a whole day to resume your cycling adventure. With this electric mountain bike, the battery also gets a full 2-year warranty that allows you to enjoy your cycling experience without worrying about the durability of your battery.


For the brakes, the Carrera Vulcan electric bicycle has hydraulic disc brakes that provide you with confident and assured braking. With hydraulic disc brakes, you are also assured that dirt will not accumulate around the moving parts of your bicycle, thanks to its closed-circuit system. You also receive a decent modulation, especially when negotiating those steep corners.


This Carrera Vulcan electric mountain bike has a gearing system that is quite similar to previous Halfords electric bikes. It still comes with a 38t front chain, an 11- 34 9-speed rear cassette, with Shimano Altus rear, and Shimano Altus shifter. To finish off the gearing components, this electric mountain bike also comes with a KMC X9 chain. The best thing about each of these gearing components is that you can easily replace each part without having a challenge locating any part. You also get to control your speed, as each of these components works perfectly together.

Wheel and Tyres

The rims of this electric mountain bike are made from a double-walled alloy that is 27.5″ with thick spokes at the back of the bicycle to aid with the torque and extra weight of the hub motor. The tires are Kenda K1027, with the front wheel being made with a special formula. These features offer your tires sufficient protection from punctures and a flexible grip while using rough terrains.

Front Suspension

The front suspension spikes of this bicycle have an adjustment and lock-out feature that makes them sufficient for cross country cycles. It also makes it possible to utilize the bicycle on roads with potholes and other debris.


The Vulcan E has a lightweight frame that is made from an alloy, and this makes the bicycle sufficient enough to use for daily commuting as well as mild competitive cycling. The alloy also gives this electric mountain bike a clean and appealing look compared to other Carrera models.

Finishing Kit

The saddle on this bicycle is quite comfortable; however, for larger cyclists, you may want to switch it for one with more cushioning. Another notable feature in its finishing kit is the handlebars that have an excellent width, which allows you to control the bicycle while riding rough terrains.


  • It comes with a detachable battery you use for at least six hours
  • It has a lightweight frame that gives the bicycle a compelling look
  • It comes with a rear motor that seamlessly integrates with the bicycle


  • It is quite price

Overall Thought

If you are looking for a mountain bike that will not only allow you to learn how to cycle but also enable you to tackle rough terrains, then this Carrera Vulcan model is what you require. Compared to other Halfords bikes electric, this model does certainly have several notable differences. Its detachable battery and a re-vamped frame give this electric mountain bicycle an edge over other bikes in the market today. Let’s not forget to mention its rear hub motor, as it also helps give any Carrera user a worthwhile experience while cycling.