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Carrera Crossfire E-Bike Review – Our Guide 2020

Carrera Crossfire E Bike Review


It is said, you can either buy cheap or buy once. Halfords electric bike reviews have told us much about carrera electric bikes. Most of them have really good reviews from multiple users. A hybrid electric bike combines traditional bike features with modern technology (e.g. electric motor & battery) and the outcome is a high performance bike that gives its rider a good experience. Hills and mountains are no longer a nightmare, thanks to the carrera crossfire electric bike and others like it. This bike has one of the most powerful motors on the cutting edge of technology and a light alloy frame. It also has a long lasting battery which extends your ride for miles and miles on a single charge. Don’t forget about its high quality build performance which beats most electric bike brands. The carrera crossfire electric bike is one of a kind. With all its features and capabilities, it can be said to be a travel companion rather than just a bike.

The Carrera Crossfire E Bike

Since their invention in the 19th century, electric bikes (e bikes) have become part and parcel of our daily lives. These incredible bikes can move you up and down hills with little effort. By combining technology with man power, e bikes are designed to give you a great new experience and an almost automated ride. However, not all electric bikes have the same features. You need to search for the specifics because different e bikes have different specs. You may like some and dislike others depending on your taste. Today’s special is the Halfords Carrera Crossfire e bike. This electric bike is like no other. It combines a number of features that make up its hybrid nature. This e bike is a true masterpiece. It’s a perfect creation but like all perfect creations, we must look into the specs it has for us.

Carrera Crossfire E Bike Specs review


The carrera crossfire e bike is controlled by a detachable LCD Suntour head unit. It governs the motor performance and also, gives you several assistance modes when you need them. Sr suntour head units provide your speed and mileage information and displays it right below your line of vision. This helps you keep your eyes focused on the road and keeps you safe from collision.


The carrera crossfire has one long life removable Li-Ion phylion battery placed on the aluminium alloy frame to spread out its weight and balance against the rear hub motor. The battery has a 417Wh (11.58 Ah) capacity which gives you a 60 mile ride and takes only 6 hours to charge. Pretty impressive, right? Carrera crossfire e bikes also come with a number of mechanisms to protect the battery. For example, the smart control system which prevents the battery from overcharging, overheating and short circuiting. As long as you manage your total load, the power mode setting and your riding style, you can be sure that the battery will keep you on track for a long time.


Carrera crossfire electric bikes come with one really powerful Suntour electric rear hub motor system that gives you a powerful torque and a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. The premium torque sensor delivers power control to the motor. It measures the force applied while peddling and gives you the assistance required especially when climbing. Remember, despite the fact that the carrera crossfire electric bike has an electric motor, you still have to give it that little extra push. To ride it, you must peddle. The motor is designed to give you a natural inertia that blends you into motion and ensures that you are not hurled back and forth. You can actually feel the acceleration around corners. The Suntour electric motor system is also designed to automatically turn off whenever the bike hits 15.5 mph. So, you don’t have to worry about overspeeding on a carrera crossfire electric bike. This is one really good reason to upgrade if you have one of those older motor speed sensor systems. The extra safety and motor speed control capabilities on carrera crossfire e bike make them one of the safest in the market.


We all want a bike that can take our weight and provide comfort on every ride. The Carrera crossfire electric bike has an amazing suspension system, the Suntour NVX-DS HLO 75mm front suspension. It is specially designed for trekking. This front suspension is like a cushion that gives extra comfort and ensures you don’t get hurt when you hit a rough surface. It also gives a comfortable ride uphill and downhill and on off-road tracks for miles.


The Carrera Crossfire Electric bike has hydraulic tektro disc brakes which have proven efficient on emergency braking. Such a brake system comes in handy at any time and mostly in case of hills. Downhills are really scary if your brakes are unstable. As you go downhill, the tektro brakes provide a tight grip on the bike wheels, giving you instant stops if need be. This way, your ride is much safer.

Other specs

Carrera crossfire electric bikes also come with safety checks and a performance cycle care to iron out any defects or malfunctions on the motor, battery or the electric control systems. The bike also features an 8-speed 11-32 rear cassette gear which makes smooth gear changes. You can use these gears on a wide range of tracks.


· Reliable care assistance- Halfords ebikes have a good care assistance that keeps their products reputable.

· Long distance range – A Carrera crossfire electric bike can travel a long distance range (60 miles). This is supported by the long life battery and the powerful rear hub motor.

· Long life battery- It keeps you on the road for a really long time. You do not have to worry about an empty battery as long as you optimize the power consumption.

·Data collection and management systems- Instruments like the torque sensor relay important information like the force applied on the pedals and the motor will use to do the rest. The bike also provides additional data like how many miles you have travelled, and the average speed.

·Battery and overall safety- Really important: The battery comes with a two year warranty. The Carrera crossfire electric bike is safe to use. Its rear hub motor speed is automatically controlled and you do not have to worry about collision as long as your eyes stick to the road.


Pricey- Carrera crossfire electric bikes are often pricey. One bike goes for about £1000-£1,450. This price is fair considering the amount of resources spent on Halfords bikes electric components (battery and motor) and full capabilities of the crossfire electric bike. If you have that extra cash, you can consider buying a carrera crossfire e bike instead of buying a cheaper bike twice. Save your time and money.